SVQ Construction Site Management Highway Maintenance and Repair at SCQF Level 9

Course Code: G8XT 24
SQA Level: 4
SCQF Level: 9
Mode of Study: Part time/in the workplace
Length of Study: Dependent on employment demands
Entry Requirements: Please see entry requirements page


Highway maintenance is both a skilled technical role and a potentially dangerous one. Managers have to carefully plan the activities, ensuring that the materials, work method, progress, health and safety and supervision of the work site are all well understood and implemented. With a focus on building relationships, monitoring expenditure and controlling work against quality standards, a highway maintenance manager is an critical member of the team.

Candidates will be assessed on their ability to carry out these tasks and two more, from a long and varied list of optional units, from demolition to handover. By tailoring the programme to their needs, a candidate can ensure the have the perfect skillset to maximise their value in this role.

Candidate’s will be assessed to the industry recognised National Occupational Standards (NOS) that have been developed by the Sector Skills Council (SSC).

Pass Requirements

Complete 18 Units, including  16 Mandatory Units

Programme Content

Mandatory Units

Develop and Maintain Good Working Relationships
Allocate Work and Check People’s Performance
Establish, Implement and Maintain Systems for Managing Health, Safety and Welfare
Evaluate and Select Work Methods
Monitor Project Activities
Control Project Progress against Agreed Quality Standards
Control Project Progress against Agreed Programmes
Manage Your Personal Development
Enable Learning Opportunities
Contribute to the Identification of a Work Team
Plan Highways Maintenance or Repair Activities
Provide Customer Service in Construction
Ensure that Work Activities and Resources Meet Project Work Requirements
Identify, Allocate and Plan the Deployment and Use of Plant, Equipment or Machinery
Organise, Control and Monitor Supplies of Materials
Control Project Quantities and Costs

Optional units

Establish, Control and Monitor Environmental Factors and Sustainability
Plan the Preparation of the Site for the Project
Establish and Monitor Communication Systems and Organisational Procedures
Establish Dimensional Control Criteria
Evaluate Feedback Information and Recommend Improvements
Manage Project Handover
Plan Historical Conservation/Restoration Activities
Plan Demolition Activities
Plan and Schedule the Maintenance or Remedial Activities of Property, Systems or Services