SVQ in Construction Site Management (Construction): Building and Civil Engineering at SCQF Level 10

Course Code: GT0M 50
SCQF Level: 10
Mode of Study: Part time/in the workplace
Length of Study: Dependent on employment demands
Entry Requirements: Please see entry requirements page


Site managers require a broad range of skills from people management to logistical planning to accountancy and many more. Candidates will cover area including performance appraisals, health and safety compliance, material supply overview, environmental concerns and project costs. There are additional units which may be added but are not required to achieve the SVQ.

Candidates will be assessed to the industry recognised National Occupational Standards (NOS) that have been developed by the Sector Skills Council (SSC).

Pass Requirements

Complete 20 Mandatory Units

Programme Content

Mandatory Units

  • Develop and maintain good working relationships
  • Allocate work and monitor people’s performance
  • Contribute to the identification of a work team
  • Establish, implement and maintain organisational systems for managing health, safety, welfare and wellbeing
  • Establish, control and monitor environmental factors and sustainability
  • Evaluate and confirm work methods
  • Plan the preparation of the site for the project
  • Monitor project activities
  • Ensure that work activities and resources meet project work requirements
  • Organise, control and monitor supplies of materials
  • Identify and maintain communication systems and organisational procedures
  • Control project progress against agreed quality standards
  • Control project progress against agreed programmes
  • Manage your personal development

Building and Civil Engineering Optional Route

  • Identify, allocate and plan the deployment and use of plant, equipment or machinery
  • Establish dimensional control criteria
  • Control project quantities and costs
  • Evaluate feedback and make recommendations
  • Manage the installation, maintenance, monitoring and removal of temporary works