Ways to Study

Technical Academy Scotland offers a number of ways in which you can study to achieve your award.

  • Part-Time evenings/weekends
  • Full-Time
  • Day-Release
  • Block Release
  • Home-Academy Study
  • On-Line Study

We aim to give you the best environment for you to study and learn in. To do this, we will look at bringing the Academy to you rather than you having to come to the Academy all the time. So where ever you live or work, you can still progress through one of our programmes.

All our programmes consist of a mixture of theoretical and practical aspects. The theoretical aspects can be delivered at a location convenient to you. Practical aspects of the course will be delivered using up-to-date laboratories and other non-classroom locations e.g. construction sites.

You will have access to on-line tutors via e-mail/chat and teleconferencing.